Shopping Cart Hero 6 Game

The online game industry has been characterized by introduction of games and their revised version in the past few years. The Flash industry has experienced major revolution, which saw the development of the new version of Shopping Cart Hero, which is Shopping Cart Hero 6. This new version is mind blowing and fascinating. The game entails a cart; used for jumping and picking of coins. You can exchange the cash collected for other amazing tricks and stationary such as clothing. Jumping of the cart and eventually, sailing through the air creates an atmosphere of reality. The outlook of the game itself is appealing: this is the most awesome version of this game.


Play Cart Hero Online

The excellent graphics and art of the new version makes it adventurous and fun than the previous ones. Shopping Cart Hero 6 has an exemplary and easy to understand outlook, the symbols are simple stick figures, the objects are uniform colored and appear magnificent. The new version clouds are also simple colored unlike others that were a bit complicated and unclear. The excellent audio effects in the background makes the game addictive. Rhythmic sound effects heard after an action takes place are appealing to both the ear and mind.

Best Version of Shopping Cart Hero

The game requirements are simple; a computer installed with flash player, a keyboard and mouse, you are good to go. A variety of command are used to get the cart into the air; the right arrow key ignites the cart to run, the up arrow key gets you into the cart after the first flag and also jumping into flag that follows. The left and right keys are used to balance the cart in the air; these keys are key determinants of the distance covered, since the cart must be well balanced to cover maximum distance. This game brings a lot of fun and excitement when played by two competing partners. There is nothing that brings pride than reaching the greatest level of the game. Shopping Cart Hero 6 is the most amazing version in the Flash industry; this can be attributed to its captivating and interesting nature. Enjoy the amazing experience as you master new tricks to reach greater levels.

At the beginning of game, you could run and push cart. Then you definitely Will jump in to a cart and then dive in the atmosphere by surfing a high incline. Attempt to fly so much as feasible. Your final evaluation will be dependent on the exact distance, the elevation, your suggestions (font turn ( back reverse ) along with your own style.

When you Have Sufficient cash, You Can Purchase upgrades on the cart, for example As crap wheels, around wheels, alloy wheels, racing wheels, jet plane, You May Also purchase Super man and hand-stand (two new suggestions ). Remember: You Have to keep your Balance from the atmosphere and possess a fantastic landing to find a highscore. Good Chance and have a great time!

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